Jul 21, 2020

As an Olympic Dressage-rider and owner of the top breeding stallion Painted Black Morgan Barbacon Mestre knows both sides of the equestrian sport. As a rider and trainer she’s searching towards a synergy with her horses but also in breeding it’s one of the most important values to keep in mind she said. 

That need for synergy is why Morgan is supporting the new, in Belgium founded, online dressage auction. In Belgium there was no longer a place where breeders could find a market for there breeding products. But conversely, there was also no longer a place on Belgian soil where potential buyers could find interestingly bred horses. 

That is what Oakbarn offers a solution for…

In this new auction there will not only  being offered promising foals, but also the entry conditions for the sellers are very accessible, they get an extensive market for a limited risk. 

Morgan says: As a breeder, there are already enough hurdles to overcome and difficult choices to make. It is therefore interesting that this new sales-platform will take away a concern from both buyer and seller.

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