New era, new opportunities...

The Corona crisis has not only changed all of our lives, but also turned the equestrian world upside down. The  pandemic forced organizers, breeders and riders to use their creativity and make the best of a less-than-perfect situation. This was already the case in 2020, but unfortunately, up until now, 2021 is not much different. However, 2020 could not be called a bad year for breeding: with the elimination of competitions, exceptional opportunities presented themselves, proven by our successful first edition of the Oakbarn Online Dressage Auction. With this new online sales platform, we sold dressage horses to no less than 5 different countries. This proved that both the Belgian sellers and the domestic and foreign buyers were ready for the next step. 

Therefore, this year will also be a top year for dressage breeding, with a new edition of Oakbarn. Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram page for updates.

Latest news

Promising Dressage-horse Auction

Oakbarn Online Dressage Auction biedt u de mogelijkheid het perfecte eindejaarsgeschenk te vinden.

Succesvolle editie!

Oakbarn Online Auction bewees gisterenavond de meerwaarde van een online veiling! Een ruime groep actieve bieders ...

Opfok mogelijk via Oakbarn

Heeft u interesse in één van onze veulens maar heeft u vandaag niet de mogelijkheid om hem onmiddelijk ...

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