Oakbarn - Summer Sales

Ended on Aug 15, 2022, 9:05 PM

15 foals

Status: Closed
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Sivieta S

Beautiful uphill foal with a lot of balance

1. Sivieta S

Lantanas x Negro

°2022 Mare Foal

Wonderlady van de Kempenhoeve

Strong moving, athletic and elegant filly, with an expressive trot

2. Wonderlady van de Kempenhoeve

Las Vegas x Fürst Toto

°2022 Mare Foal

Secret Glamour

strong, sturdy and athletic colt out of an Elite (prok) mare.

3. Secret Glamour

Glamourdale x George Clooney

°2022 Stallion Foal

Say My name

Nice closed correct filly with good basic gaits

4. Say My name

Kjento x Ferdeaux

°2022 Mare Foal

D.I.S.C.O girl v’t Oud Molenhuis

Friendly beautiful pony with super gaits from good dam line

5. D.I.S.C.O girl v’t Oud Molenhuis

Tout Beau de la Cure x Quint vd Groenheuvel

°2022 Mare Foal

Selana S

Very nice uphill foal out of strong dam line

7. Selana S

Glamourdale x Sir Donnerhall

°2022 Mare Foal

Wanna  van de Reiten

Elegant, friendly, blood-made and light-footed

8. Wanna van de Reiten

Racoon x Lauries Crusador XX

°2022 Mare Foal

Dreams V de Loensdelle

Every girl’s palomino dream pony

9. Dreams V de Loensdelle

Don Cremello Du Bois x Oosterbroek Francois

°2022 Stallion Foal

Wallace Dorado

A dressage colt for the breeding,greetings from Vamos Amigos

10. Wallace Dorado

Donier x Florencio I

°2022 Stallion Foal

Wonderfull Women A&S

Beautifully modeled foal from the maternal line of Cosmo

11. Wonderfull Women A&S

Jameson RS2 x Bretton Woods

°2022 Mare Foal

Wendoline van de Kempenhoeve

Top filly: model, movements, pedigree, performance

12. Wendoline van de Kempenhoeve

So Unique x Bretton Woods

°2022 Mare Foal

Soraya S

A black pearl from Glamourdale

13. Soraya S

Glamourdale x Furst Heinrich

°2022 Mare Foal

Santos JT

Beautifully lined and sporty foal with extra movements

14. Santos JT

Kjento x Goodtimes

°2022 Stallion Foal

Weltstar van de Kempenhoeve

Beautiful colt with extra front and a lot of performance in the mother line

15. Weltstar van de Kempenhoeve

Fortunate x Florencio I

°2021 Stallion Foal


Top filly from the damline of Arnoldo Thor (Dominique D'esmee

16. Sarina

Kjento x Ferdinand

°2022 Mare Foal

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